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Joerg Schmidt
Joerg Schmidt ✭✭✭
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Dear all,

I have a sheet "lead management" with columns like "number employees", "sector", "region" and many others - all of them as dropdown lists

Now, I want to create another sheet with the score criteria and score values f.e.

column "number employees" // column "region"

zero employees = score value "-10 // region north = value "10"

1-5 employees = score value "0" // region west = value "5"

6-10 employees = score value "+5" // region east = value "0"

11-50 employees = score value "+10" // region south = value "-5"

what should be a formula to catch the values and combine them with the defined scores?

should I build some helper columns such as "region helper" ?

Hope I did express my ideas comprehensively ?

kind regards Joerg

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