SUMIF not working with text strings pulled in via Index/Match


I am looking to calculate a running total value for the amount of financial assistance we provide for some of the moms that we help at our organization.

I am currently pulling information over from our "Mom Master List" to another sheet via Index/Match, and then adding additional information in other columns.

When I try to do a sheet summary of our running totals per month (summing all financial assistance provided each month), it gives me a blank value - or "NO MATCH" if I didn't have the IFERROR(). Below you will find the sheet summary formula that I used, the information column that I pulled in via Index/Match ("Mom Type 2"), and the column that I would like to sum ("May (2022)")

Any and all help / advice would be much appreciated! I could also potentially avoid this issue if I filtered the moms before index/matching them over to the new sheet, so if you have advice on that, that would be really appreciated as well!


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