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Problems with Data Erasing or Disconnecting in Smartsheet

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Is anyone else experiencing problems with content and data such as formulas suddenly disappearing and you find yourself adding the formulas back to your designated fields even though your saved after all of your changes and everything is working fine?  

This is the second time I have noticed this has happened.  Which is beyond frustrating.

In addition to this happening, you noticed that your Sights is somehow disconnected from your original sheet and all of your data is still displaying everything you may have formatted and formulated from your sheet.  Nothing has changed in Sights but your information has been definitely removed some way or some how from your original?  All Formulas are Gone!  angry

Has anyone experienced this problem?  If so how did you resolve the issue?   


  • Obviously that is unexpected! 

    If you have it enabled for your account, you might try looking in the Activity Log (right most tab on the bottom of the sheet) and see if it has recorded your changes.

    If that doesn't clarify what is happening, I would recommend you contact customer support.


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