How do you build sheets, reports, and dashboards with rolling dates?

I'm sure we've probably all been here at one point or another. I'm looking to see what features SmartSheet offers in terms of having rolling dates on things. For example, I want my dashboard to pull the deadlines from 3 separate sheet, but I only want those to fall into the the upcoming deadline portion if it's due within the next week. Everything I see with my options only allows me to set things for dates before/after/equal to/etc. and it doesn't actually allow me to say "If a due date falls within the next 7 days, populate it on this dashboard". That's fine an all, but then you'd have to manually go in an update that date range every single week.

I feel like there has to be a feature or a work around to allow for rolling dates like this, but I have had 0 luck after about 30 minutes of poking around and about 2 hours of reading articles. Any advice or weird work arounds that you've done in the past would be greatly appreciated.


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