A little trouble with Index(Collect

Good day Smartsheet gurus out there

I'm trying to collect data from one sheet (Source sheet) and bring it to another sheet where it will be compiled with similar data from other sheets (Destination sheet). Source sheet contains 3 columns where activity is broken down into phases. What I need to do is bring the % complete data only for a specific task (Bore) of all the different jobs to their corresponding line in the destination sheet. I've come this far with my formula (which does not parse) based on my research and review of the many discussions but I'm now at my wits end. I'm beginning to wonder if index(collect is the best match for what I'm trying to accomplish. Any support and guidance is appreciated. Below current formula and snapshot of source sheet.

=INDEX(COLLECT({Source sheet- % Cmp}, {Source sheet - WO}, [Job number]@row, ({Source sheet Task}, "Bore"), 1))

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