COUNTIF Referencing Adjacent Cells

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Is it possible having once run a COUNTIF, to then display information from a cell adjacent to where the COUNTIF information was found? For example: I'm searching a range for a value tied to an employee. Once I find that value I want to display the employees name. Thanks


  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @Zolkora

    The formula in the 'adjacent cell' can use an Index/Match combination to find the name. Is all the information in your COUNTIF formula from within this same sheet or are you pulling in the info from cross sheets?

    Here's assuming all the info is within this same sheet

    =INDEX([Employee Name column]:[Employee Name column], MATCH([your COUNTIF result]@row, [COUNTIF Range column]:[COUNTIF range column],0))

    You will need to insert your actual column names in the formula above.

    Here's assuming the info is cross sheet referenced

    =INDEX({source sheet Employee name column},MATCH([your COUNTIF result]@row,{source sheet Countif range column},0))

    The cross sheet references will have to be physically built by you.

    Will either of there work for you?


  • Zolkora

    I eventually did use INDEX & MATCH. Thanks anyway. You were right on the money.

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