How do I summarize data by a particular condition and by Date/Year?

Anna WJ
Anna WJ
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I am attempting to create a dashboard that will summarize the cost of overtime for employees working at various locations on a month by month basis to compare cost between either/both conditions (by location and/or by month). In order to do this I have parsed out that I will have to summarize the data in a separate sheet before building my dashboard because the sheet that is being pulled from is not organized (8000 row by 50 column sheet where all employees enter timesheet). I have managed to pull cost of OT by location (as below "a)"), but would like to also add a month, year criterion. I have attempted to pull just the Year/Month using the DATE function (as below "b)"), but results are coming back as $0 (should be approximately $600).

a) =SUMIFS({OT Cost}, {Location}, "Site")

b) =SUMIFS({OT Cost}, {Location}, "Yard", {Date}, DATE(2022, 5))

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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