Circular Reference Error


Hi there,

Looking for help with a #CIRCULAR REF error. I'm building a sheet for an order form that receives information from a form submission and then cross-references it with another sheet to pull in related data via INDEX / MATCH in instances where the form doesn't provide all the information needed. I'm using the JOIN function to copy data from multiple columns into a final "SIDES" column that's used in a report that's shared with our manufacturer so they don't have to wade through a mess of helper columns.

Of the 4 columns that should be included the JOIN function, the first 3 are copied in without an issue (screenshot 1), but the 4th, "Sides Helper Column," is throwing the #CIRCULAR REF error (screenshot 2). The "Sides Helper Column" is just reformatting the "Sides (INDEX/MATCH)" column (screenshot 3), so it seems like the error is originating from the "Sides (INDEX/MATCH)" formula (screenshot 4), but I can't figure out any reason why this would be happening since that column isn't referencing the "SIDES" column, nor are any of the references in the formula... Hopefully I'm missing something obvious.

Thanks for your help!!

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3:

Screenshot 4:


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