Nested IF statement giving INCORRECT ARGUEMENT SET


Based on Fund Type, need to return PO #. Using a nested IF with the Second IF called as part of the FALSE condition of the First IF. I added a second FASLE condition (the 1)to force a False value but not succesful with getting rid of the INCORRECT ARGUEMENT SET.

I think, I'm lost in parens....

=IF([Fund Type]@row = "O&M", INDEX(COLLECT({'PO #'}, {'Fiscal Year'}, [Fiscal Year]@row, {'Vendor'}, Vendor@row, {'Fund Type'}, [Fund Type]@row)), (IF([Fund Type]@row = "CIP", INDEX(COLLECT({'PO #'}, {'Vendor'}, Vendor@row, {'Fund Type'}, [Fund Type]@row)), 1)))


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