Reference another sheet's multi pick

hello all... I have 2 sheets. The first is a Risk Log and the second is a summary of that risk log by project id.

In the first log I have a column "Driver" and it is a multi pick drop down with 11 possible values. For each risk, the user can pick 0-11 drivers to associate to that risk which is also associated to a project (Project ID). I would like to refernece that sheet from the Risk summary sheet and count for each project what drivers are selected in the risks associated to that Project

For example, Project 123 has 3 risks in the log. For risk 1, Driver - A, B C are selected. For risk 2, Driver B, H is selected and for Risk 3, Driver B is selected.

so what I would like to see on the summary for that project is Drivers = A, B, C, H. If Risk 1 gets closed, then it would show Drivers = B, H.

Any ideas>


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