VLOOKUP ?... I just need to return a name from a code name when i input a code name

=VLOOKUP([Student Code]@row, {Student List All}, {Student Name List}, false)

I made a function to return a kids name from a code name and im not sure why i cant get it to work.

I made a sheet with a student name list next to a column with the student code and referenced it for this formula

It worked when I made it for just one or 2 specific names but i cant get it to work for the list

I keep getting #invalad data type

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  • SmartLew
    SmartLew ✭✭✭
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    Hey Dell,

    Your formula needs to reference the whole lookup table, with the Student code on the far left, and then the number of the column you want to fetch.

    e.g if you want the value in the second column;

    =VLOOKUP([Student Code]@row, {Student List All}, 2, false)

    If your data is not formatted perfectly left to right, an INDEX/MATCH may work better for you!

    =INDEX(column withe the value you want),match(student code@row,column with the student code in),0)

    Let me know how you get on!

    I'm passionate about helping you leverage the truly awesome power of smartsheet!



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