Multiple IF statements in a column formula


I’m new to Smartsheet and I trying to write a multiple IF statements that populate the cells in the column with a specific date depending on the value of the corresponding cell in a different column. For example, a column named “Target date value” will be updated to 12/31/2022 if “target date” column has the value Estimated 2022 in it. This is what I have so far

=IF([Target Date]@row = “TBD”, TODAY())

this works but when I try to add more statements, I get an error saying column formula isn’t quite right.

=IF([Target Date]@row = “TBD”, TODAY()), =IF([Target Date]@row = “Not Planned”, TODAY()).

How can I get this to work and how can I add specific dates instead of the today function. Apologies for the long text, I hope it is communicated effectively.



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