Result from NETDAYS formula is a (-) value instead of positive value


I created this formula (with the Communities help, thank you) , the result of the NETDAY looks correct but I am getting a "-" in the number column. Is this a placement issue with the NETDAY function?

I tested the function in a separate sheet and it works properly I get the correct count and value (28):

=IF(OR(CONTAINS("Stage 1", Function@row), CONTAINS("Stage 2", Function@row)), NETDAYS([Date Date]@row, TODAY()))

When I inserted and modified the string to reflect the columns in my Production sheet I get a result but with a '-' in front of the number (-28)

=IF(OR(CONTAINS("Stage 1", Stage@row), CONTAINS("Stage 2", Stage@row)), NETDAYS([Close Date:]@row, TODAY()))


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