Automating Due dates


I have a sheet that has an "activity" column. Each parent line has ~15 child line subtasks that make up the "Activity" column. I need to Automate due dates for each activity. Work flows don't seem to work because they will only record that days date. I'm not sure if using a formula will work since I need different due dates for different rows.


If E&D date (separate column) is 9/1/22, I need assigned for tech review to be E&D - 3 weeks, tech review is E&D - 19 days, etc.

Each parent line has its own E&D date and the activities all have individual due dates. How would i create a formula or automation for this?


  • Rob Michaels

    you could do an equation like =([E&D Date]@row+ 21) or however long you want to set the due date for. You can also set conditional formatting and make automations to send out notifications based on this due date.

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