If a certain drop down is selected, how do I auto populate an Inform column with the name assigned

I tried using a helper column with names in it that I intended to hide. So if the Escalation Type column allows Care Concern that Cori works on and Bluetooth Activation Issues that Marla works on- how do I get the Inform column to auto populate to Cori or Marla's name? I tried =IF([Escalation Type]="Care Concern",[Helper Column]@row),IF([Escalation Type]="Bluetooth Activation Issue",[Helper Column]2),IF([Escalation Type]="Unknown Activation Issue",[Helper Column]3),IF([Escalation Type]="Truck Roll Credit",[Helper Column]4),IF([Escalation Type]="Missing Modem",[Helper Column]5),IF([Escalation Type]="Other",[Helper Column]6)) but I get unparseable. What am I doing wrong?


  • Corin, I'm not sure if this would work for you, but we can resolve this without the Helper Column.

    =IF([Escalation Type]@row = "Care Concern", "Cori Jensen", IF([Escalation Type]@row = "Bluetooth Activation Issue", "Marla Mitchell", IF([Escalation Type]@row = "Unknown Activation Issue", "Kim Smith", IF([Escalation Type]@row = "Truck Roll Credit", "Bob the Builder", IF([Escalation Type]@row = "Missing Modem", "Elmo", IF([Escalation Type]@row = "Other", "Paw Patrol", ""))))))

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