Auto populating a cell value based on potentially two different columns


@Paul Newcome @James Keuning

Hello experts! New question, hopefully another phenomenal solution!

We are developing a Continuing Education program at work. Different activities are worth different points. I have created a master data sheet with a form so that individuals can submit their own activities. What I need to do is have the points column autopopulate based on the activity (I do not want individuals adding a point value). A caveat to this is that the activities fall into two different categories, therefore making the points column have to potentially reference two different columns (individually, not combined) to see which of the activity columns has a value in it. I'm assuming I have to start with a table somewhere to identify which activities are worth which point values, but not even sure where to create that. The sheet is shared so you can see the setup. There is no proprietary information on it.


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