Dynamic view selected row not highlighting everyhing


Can anyone help me out here.

My dynamic view page rows are not fully highlighted, from the 9 fields it only highlights 4

I cant find anything about this online so i post it here



  • Jason P
    Jason P ✭✭✭

    Hi @Mike matthys

    When we explored DV I noted too some highlighting was lost, I put this down to the way conditional formatting works on hierarchy, you may find other conditions are overriding in these 4 columns. Hope this helps.



    Forever forwards Backwards never.

  • Just adding this for if anyone struggles with it

    if you set a static color in your grid that field will not get highlighted in the dynamic row

    you could use the show/hide formatting within dynamic but not something you allways want

    so i solve this as followed :

    select all your columns in your grid, select background color and set it to automatic

    then setup your backgrounds as conditions

    youll see that the whole row now will get highlighted in dynamic view

    ez pz, but could be easier :D

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