Creating a Calculation Sheet by linking in data from cells on one sheet to another sheet


I have a project Plan with almost 900 lines and have cloned that sheet so to keep the existing columns, but allow me to add additional columns I can use to calculate data for use in a separate dashboard. I do this all the time with no problem. This time however, someone on my team created the new 900 line plan and I copied it to my workspace, then I copied it so I could use the copied version as my "calculation sheet for that plan". But, for some reason, when I try and link the cells from the original 900 line project plan to the copied version (Calculation Sheet) it does not allow me to link the cells, any ideas as to why this is being prevented where I have not had a problem in the past?

Could it have to do with Parent to Child lines from the original 900 line plan?




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    Hard to know for sure but it very well could be a cell linking issue. Smartsheet allows a max of 20k cell links. If you have 900 rows and over 22 columns linking this could be the problem.

    Hope this helps.



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    OK...and that could be the issue as the 900 line plan is linked together with predecessors. Are there any options, like maybe split them up:

    ---1- 450 Project Lines and all columns along with them link to Calculation Sheet A

    --- Then the last 450 lines link to Calculation Sheet B?

    I can then always pull in metrics to my dashboard from different sheets if so, correct?

  • slando
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    Hello team,

    I really need some help with my issue. I believe it to be a BUG on the Smartsheet end.

    I have been very successful, for a long time, in creating workspaces and utilizing all types of sheets, dashboards and reports. I have linked sheets together as a regular practice and am aware of the restrictions and limitations, but I am no where near any of them in my current scenario BUT am unable to link more than 100 rows (only 8 columns) of data between two sheets.

    I filed a support case, but wanted to check hear to see who might be able to actually look at my sheets and try and determine if it is truly a BUG or not. I have a deadline to have this in place and have lost 3 days trying to make this work.

    Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!



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    @slando I would bet you've bumped into your 10,000 cell link limit for your account. One thing you could consider using instead of massive amounts of cell links is Data Mesh. If you want to share your sheet to me, I can look although no promises :-)




  • slando
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    I have spent some time today on with someone from Smartsheet, seems there is a known bug currently, that engineering is working on that impacts all clients trying to link cells. I am added to their case and being updated as it progresses.

    TY for following up though


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