COUNTIFS when referencing another sheet


I am trying to do a COUNTIFS that shows totals from a separate sheet on a summary metrics sheet.

Ex: I have a dropdown contact column and a separate date column in my original/source sheet. I would like to be able to count any time a particular person is selected in the contact column (John Smith) AND instances where the date field is BLANK.

I haven't had any luck with the formulas I have tried so far - any suggestions?

Thank you!!!!

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  • Mr. Chris
    Mr. Chris ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hello @Kate Gallo

    If I'm understanding your question correctly I was able to replicate this using the example in my screen shot below:

    Formula used:

    =COUNTIFS({Sheet 2 Date Column}, "", {Sheet 2 Names Column}, [Dropdown Names]1)

    If it makes it easier to view, here is a screen shot of how this works on the same sheet:

    Formula used:

    =COUNTIFS(Date:Date, "", [All Names]:[All Names], [Names No Dupes]1)

    Hope this helps!


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