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 I am struggling with a formula. 

I would like the formula to identify the quarter within which the project will be delivered and fill the column Quarter. This information will help our finance department plan revenue. I tried the nested IF function below, and I had the ‘’UNPARSEABLE error message.

 =IF([Date Livraison Estimée]@row = " ", " To be planned", IF([Delivery date]@row > DATE(22, 5, 31), "Q1-2022", IF([Delivery date]@row < DATE(22, 9, 1), "Q1-2022")), IF(([Delivery date]@row > DATE(22, 8, 31), "Q2-2022", IF([Delivery date]@row < DATE(22, 12, 1), "Q2-2022"), IF(([Delivery date]@row > DATE(22, 11, 30), "Q3-2022", IF([Delivery date]@row < DATE(23, 3, 1), "Q3-2022"), IF(([Delivery date]@row > DATE(23, 2, 28), "Q4-2022", IF([Delivery date]@row < DATE(23, 6, 1), "Q4-2022"))))))))

 Is there a better way to solve this problem? Our fiscal year goes from June 1st through May 31 of the following year. 


Thanks in advance for your help and assistance.





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