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Need to get a specific average from one column to another

Start with Association Name column with specific name (value for Marina Isles and Pelican Sound separately)

Tied to Issue Category for a specific issue

Then average it out against and manually entered number. For example

Marina Isles has had 3 driveways issues that results against x# of units for an average of x

I would add the number of units. In this case it would be 160. So my % of driveways in Marina Isles is 16%


  • Jeff Reisman
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    It seems to me that a metrics sheet might be a good way to go.

    Make a list if your issue categories in one column, and a column for issue percentage for each association. Elsewhere on the metrics sheet, make a list of # of units for each association.

    To get your percentage for each issue for each association, use COUNTIFS and reference the rows in the other sheet, then divide that by the number of units:

    =COUNTIFS({Issue Log Category column}, [Issue Category]@row, {Issue Log Association column}, "Marina Isles") / reference the cell that lists the number of units for Marina Isles here

    BTW, your math above is incorrect. 10 units out of 160 units is not 16%, it's 6.25%. You need to divide the number of issues by the number of units and multiply by 100. If you set your percentage column to the percent format, it will handle the multiplying by 100 part automatically.


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  • =COUNTIFS({issue category}, [driveway]@row,{association name},"marina isles")/160

    I'm looking just to add it on my sheet summary. Not sure why its not working. Thanks for getting me going. Formulas can be a bit confusing to me. I have np adding the unit count manually as that number will stay static.

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