September Release Notes

Amber Blodgett
Amber Blodgett Employee Admin
edited 02/24/23 in Brandfolder
  • Autocomplete User Information: When adding existing users to their Brandfolders or collections, emails will autocomplete in the invite screen so admins no longer need to memorize email addresses and type them in perfectly.
  • Salsify PIM Integration: Automatically sync assets from BF to Salsify so that users no longer need to manually download and upload assets to their PIM. The integration will also send product data back from Salsify to Brandfolder so that Brandfolder is maintained as a single source of truth.
  • Enhanced Insights Data Connector: Our Insights Data Connector now supports new tables and fields to better see who is using your DAM, how content is shared and which assets are used the most, to help you improve asset engagement. 
  • Brandfolder Panel Enhancements: Uploading asset data to Brandfolder through Smartsheet just got easier. When customers upload attachments to Brandfolder, they’ll be able to add custom field values from their Smartsheet Columns to each attachment through the Brandfolder Panel upload flow.
  • HLS Streaming Minutes: Video streaming with Brandfolder is easier than ever to customize with HTTP Live Streaming. 
  • Zapier Integration: To enable Brandfolder customers the flexibility to integrate with products that we don't have a native integration with, our engineering teams have created an integration with Zapier. Users can now develop code-free solutions to expedite tasks and automate workflows between Brandfolder and Zapier apps.
  • Developer Portal Updates: Integration is cleaner than ever with new Developer Portal tools. We’ve added explainers for webhooks and their trigger events and a Binary Upload section to show how to upload files via our API.