Glitch in Smartsheets

We seem to be having some sort of glitch on some of our sheets where when we get a message that a change happened and then a second message comes in telling us that it resolved itself.

Below is what happened at 6:03 in the morning today:

Then 2 minutes later it reverts back to normal:

This happens at least once a month.

Is there a way to resolve this issue, so that we do not have this glitch?

Having this glitch tells our team in the field we received all this material all at once today and we can not have that confusion.

By the way, this happens on all our BOM sheets. It gets its data to populate from 1 sheet. So could it be coming from the source?

So any help would be appreciated.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @ksandoval

    Since this happens to all of your BOM sheets that are updated by 1 source sheet, yes, this could be caused by the source sheet. I've seen the #REF error occur when a sheet times out as it's loading data if the source or destinations sheets are getting quite complex - the formula needs extra time to calculate and process all that data.

    Here's information on complex sheets: Issue: My sheet is slow to load

    If this hasn't explained the behaviour you're seeing, I would recommend reaching out to Support with more information (such as the Sheet names / IDs, the source sheet, the formulas, how complex the main sheet is, when this first started happening, the last recorded time it happened etc).



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