Count if the cell linked value is not "Complete"

Hi I am having troubles with a formula that is supposed to count every cell in a cell link that does not contain the value "Complete". The formulas that I have tried to use are =COUNTIFS({HelperCA}, "Executed Batch Record ALN", {StatusCA}, NOT(Complete))


=COUNTIFS({HelperCA}, "Executed Batch Record ALN", NOT({StatusCA}="Complete"))

where is my formula going wrong?

Thanks in advanced! 😊


  • ericncarr
    ericncarr ✭✭✭✭✭

    I think you want it this way:

    =COUNTIFS({HelperCA}, "Executed Batch Record ALN", {StatusCA}, <>"Complete")

    The way the Countifs function works is by giving it multiple ranges and criteria. So in this formula you give it the range HelperCA (assuming a column in the other sheet...) and the criteria that it be equal to "Executed Batch Record ALN." Then you give it another range, StatusCA, and give it the criteria that it not be equal to "Complete" using the <> symbols. That way it knows to count only rows that meet the criteria given for both ranges.

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