ENGAGE 2023 virtual ways to participate:

--- Watch the Opening Keynote
--- Travel around the world with other members in the Smartsheet Travel Diaries
--- Play Community games and earn new badges from our Games Dashboard

Check out this announcement for a recap!

What You'll Find at the Community Platform Lounge at ENGAGE 2022 πŸ‘€

Alison Clancy
Alison Clancy Employee Admin
edited 09/29/22 in Events

ENGAGE 2022 kicks off next week (!) and you better believe that Smartsheet Community and you, our members, will be all over the Seattle Convention Center!

In fact, Community will have our own booth at ENGAGE - the Community Platform Lounge, booth #32. You'll find it in the Experience Hub on Level 4 (check out the map on the website).

The Smartsheet Community team will be there to welcome you with open arms and walk you through a number of fun activities, like:

  • Smartpardy (cue the music)
  • Smart Libs in the lounge area, where you can collaborate with others to create your unique Smartsheet story
  • Booth Cameos with Community Rockstars and Overachievers
  • A chance to give feedback on upcoming platform projects
  • Daily giveaways, and much more!

We're going to make some of these activities available online in digital form so those of you who couldn't make the conference this year can join in on the fun. Stay tuned - they'll be here in the Events Topic.

One more thing: Our Senior Product Evangelist, @Cicero, is a huge friend of the Community and wanted to let you know he's excited to see you at ENGAGE! Keep an eye out for him on the platform in the photos we share, he'll be rocking his usual neon shirts.

More to come! Make sure you're following this topic, as we'll be updating tons during the show so everyone can follow along.

Alison + Team Smartsheet Community