Nested IF, using MONTH

I feel like I am missing something simple- maybe someone else can see it?

I want the formula to produce a "1" if the date in the row is January (01), February (02) or March (03). I want it to return a "2" if the date in the row is in April (04), May (05) or June(06), and so forth, to identify in which quarter of the year the project is scheduled to be complete.

If there is no date, just return a "?".

What am I missing?

=IF([End Date]@row= MONTH(01),MONTH(02)MONTH(03) ,"1",IF([End date]@row=MONTH(04),MONTH(05),MONTH(06) , "2", IF([End Date@row=MONTH(07),MONTH(08),MONTH(09) , "3", IF([End Date]@row=MONTH(10),MONTH(11),MONTH(12), "4", "?")

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