COUNTIFS reference issue


I am trying to create a metrics sheet that pulls data from a conference room request sheet. I was able to create all of the functions except this one, which counts the total reservations per department per calendar year.

=COUNTIFS({Submission Status}, OR(@cell = "Assigned", @cell = "Confirmed"), {End Date}, YEAR(@cell) = [Value CY]1, {Department}, @cell = [Metric CY]@row)

The function works until I add the final range and criteria, {Department}...

What is wrong here?

Thank you!


  • Mike TV
    Mike TV ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    I believe it has something to do with column type properties. I wasn't able to get the formula to work at all even without the {Department} part on there but I have no clue what your column types are for these columns or what you have in them.

  • @Mike TV

    {Submission Status} and {Department} are both drop downs from a different sheet.

    {End Date} is a date column from that different sheet too.

    [Value CY]@row and [Metric CY]1 are both text columns on the same sheet.

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