Formula to tick a checkbox if the checkbox in the following row is ticked

OK - so I have a sheet that gathers weekly report commentary and I need to generate a report that shows the latest commentary, and the previous commentary entry.

Have a helper column with the created date in to tick an 'isLatest' checkbox for the latest entry - =IF(Created@row = MAX(Created:Created), 1, 0)

What I now need to do is create a formula that ticks a column 'isPrevious', but only for the row before the ticked 'isLatest' row.

So the problem is "tick the 'isPrevious' column for the one row that has 'isLatest' ticked in a following row"

So far I've been able to tick all the 'isPrevious' rows - but that doesn't move me forwards :)

Many thanks in advance for any help


  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 09/19/22

    Hey @Snaillybob

    Try this

    =IF(Created@row = MAX(COLLECT(Created:Created, Created:Created, ISDATE(@cell), IsLatest:IsLatest, 0)), 1)

    This finds the max Unchecked IsLatest row, which should be the previous Max.

    Will it work for you?


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