Make calculations from 3 different sheets

Hey, I have 3 sheets: Holidays, Quarterly planning and Teams Vacations.

I want to sum the VACATION DAYS (in holidays sheet- picture no.3) to col Holidays (in Team Vacations sheet- picture no.1), BUT only those who are on the same Q and same Team name and also match with the dates that in Quarterly planning sheet (picture no.2).

Is that even possible?

I tried this formula:

=SUMIFS({BW Holidays Range 1}, {BW Holidays Range 2}, >={Quarterly planning Range 1}, {BW Holidays Range 5}, Country@row, {BW Holidays Range 4}, <={Quarterly planning Range 2}))

but now I need to change manually the dates range according to the different teams in Quarterly planning sheet)

Thank you very much


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