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Lori Khoury
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Just wondering if someone could help me with a formula. I need to write a count if formula

Count is Type is Action and Status is not Completed, Decided or Closed. I know how to do on one criteria but how do I add count if not status is not decided or closed.

=COUNTIFS(Type:Type, "Action Item", Status:Status, <>"Completed")


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  • Lori Khoury
    Lori Khoury ✭✭✭✭✭
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    HI SmartLew - I had to make one minor change but it worked!!! I just had to move the comma after completed.

    =COUNTIFS(Type:Type, "Action Item", Status:Status, AND(@cell <> "Completed", @cell <> "Decided", @cell <> "Closed"))

    THANK YOU!!!!


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