Need Help with NOT CONTAINS

Hello, I need help with a formula using NOT CONTAINS

This is my current formula, which is giving me an incorrect count.

=COUNTIFS({Another Sheet Column 1}, CONTAINS("X", @cell), {Another Sheet Column 2}, "1", {Another Sheet Column 1}, NOT(CONTAINS("B", @cell)), {Another Sheet Column1} NOT(CONTAINS("C", @cell)))

Values of "B", "C" and "X" belongs to the same column, listed as "Another Sheet Column 1"= all three values can be assigned to one cell. (allow multiple values per cell)

Checkbox column (1=checked box) = "Another Sheet Column 2"

I need the formula to count all rows that contains both, "X" (Column1) and "1" (Column2) ONLY, excluding all rows that have both "1" (Column 2) and "X", "B" and "C" listed under the same cell in (Column 1).

Hope this help! Thank You.


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