ENGAGE 2023 virtual ways to participate:

--- Watch the Opening Keynote
--- Travel around the world with other members in the Smartsheet Travel Diaries
--- Play Community games and earn new badges from our Games Dashboard

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Engage2022 -

Sandi C
Sandi C ✭✭

It was 2015, and the Smartsheet Community was born! A world of Smartsheet customers and I finally had a place to join forces and share inspired tips with one another.

Before the Smartsheet Community Platform existed, I was responsively searching for answers but didn't know where or who to turn to.

I remember back to my early days of being a massive Community Member and thought to myself whoa there are so many things to do in here and WorkApps to meet!

As a Smartsheet Community Member, I benefit most from Dynamic View which enables me to ask questions about participants and post discussions regarding Sheets.

When I think of the Smartsheet Community one word that comes to mind is rosy. 

Community Cards help me navigate my way through viewers and so much more.

Without the Smartsheet Community, I would be clamoring.

All this talk about the Smartsheet Community makes me want to masterfully help others achieve greatness. Until next time!

—Sandi C