Checkbox is checked, dropdown menu changes as well as symbol changes

I have 3 columns:

  • Checkbox
  • Dropdown
  • Symbol

I want it so that the user can either click the checkbox or select an option on the drop down menu to change the symbol. This is done and working great for the symbol column!

Now, I want it so that if the checkbox is TRUE and the symbol changes to GREEN, the drop down menu changes to COMPLETED. Additionally, I want it so that if the user unchecks the checkbox, the drop down menu moves to IN PROGRESS and the symbol moves to BLUE.

Is this possible? I tried to do it with workflows and it didn't work.


  • Aaron Manley
    Aaron Manley Overachievers

    I think you can do this with a combination of formulas and automations.

    Based on what I am reading, I think you'll need to add a second Dropdown column as a helper. So you'll have an "Input" dropdown column and an "Output" dropdown column. The Symbol column can be a formula that updates based on other cells. Then you can run an automation that if the checkbox is "true" and the symbol is "green" to record a "Completed" in the "Input" Dropdown column.

    Then you can have the "Output" Dropdown column formulated so that when the checkbox is not checked it will show "In Progress".

    I think there are probably some other conditions or criteria that I'm missing that might make this more challenging in your use case, but from what I'm reading it seems to be possible with a combination of formulas and automations if you're willing to create an extra column (one for input, one for output).

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