Python API - results on Reports do not match manual Excel extracts


We are currently automating some processes around Smartsheet, where one of the key steps is to extract data from a Smartsheet Report (sic! Not a Sheet!). We tried the following approaches

With both approaches we get wrong results on Reports (not on Sheets, interestingly). The extracted data is just not the same as compared to a manual data export though the browser frontend. The differences appear pretty random to us: some rows seem duplicated, while others are missing.

Is this a known issue of the API or are we rather missing out on something? Any ideas?

(Side note: we don’t see those issues with the ODBC connector. However, as we cannot easily deploy ODDBC in a pure cloud environment, we would normally favor other options.)

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    @Oliver Mihatsch I'd be curious to know how you're trying to extract the data. I'm using the API to extract the value of every row in a given column in a report to update dropdowns nightly...

    An example of what my script does is below. I've already gotten the virtual column ID I want, you'd likely need to look up the virtual column IDs based on name, put that in a variable and use that instead. Depends what you want to do with the data. You could always put it in a Pandas Dataframe or export it to CSV by iterating through each row of the report and putting the information in each cell for each column into the Dataframe.

    I just need all the values in one column for my purposes, so I add it to a list and then update my dropdown that way. If you need help getting the code for the iterative read through the virtual columns let me know.

    #Gets all the rows of the report and returns the values of each cell in the "Project Selection" column

    full_report = ss_client.Reports.get_report(report_id, page_size = 9000)

    rows = full_report.rows

    proj_sel_opts = []

    for row in rows:

      for cell in (cell for cell in row.cells if cell.virtual_column_id == 2605489438648196):