Fixed project end date with predecessors

I have a plan with durations and predecessors. I was given a hard end for the project to finish. Is there a way for smartsheet to calculate the start and end dates for the tasks leading up to the hard finish date?


  • Dale Murphy
    Dale Murphy ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @jrhall If you build your plan with "start-to-finish predecessors" you can work backwards from a fixed end date to the start date needed to meet that finish date. if you use Predecessor type start-to-finish you can get what you want.

    (Roughly put, Task n will have Task n+1 as a "predecessor" of type SF. If Task n+1 starts October 5, Task n will show a finish date of October 4. The start date for task n will be October 4 - (duration of Task n))


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