Reassigning set up time by a dropdown

My group (10 people) is using the Calendar app to visualize work assignments, some of which are granted set up days. My boss has asked if it would be possible to reassign set up time to other employees with a dropdown. For example, is it possible to make the "1" in Brian's "Set" column on 10/26 go away, and "1" show up as Paul's 10/26 "set" assignment based on Paul's name being selected in "Covering Set Day" on 10/27?

I appreciate the help!


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Beth C

    What is your current formula in the "Set" column?

    You could use a formula to check and see if the Name in this row appears in the "Covering Set Day" column at any time, associated with the day after the date in this row (and if it does, then show "1").

    For example:

    =IF(COUNTIFS([Covering Set Day]:[Covering Set Day], Name@row, Date:Date, (Date@row + 1)) > 0, 1, "")

    However this would not remove the current "1" from Brian's row. How is this currently being calculated?



  • Beth C
    Beth C ✭✭

    Thank you for your help, Genevive.

    After posting this question, I realized that I needed to have the formula in a different grid since the one I was asking about calculates dates based on today. I was able to work that one out.

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