Record a date that a status changes from specific status to status

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Hi team - I have a Status column with the following options that are manually changed by the user:

  1. Waiting for 3PRM review of aggregated IRQ
  2. Aggregate IRQ to be Refreshed by Designated 3PRM
  3. DD ID Kicked Off
  4. DD In FS Review
  5. DDQ Sent to TP
  6. DDQ Received by TP
  7. DDA Complete by FS
  8. DDA in QM Review
  9. DDA QM Complete
  10. Change in DD Kick Off Month
  11. Out of Scope
  12. Scheduled

Is there a way to record a date when the status changes from EITHER 10. Change in DD Kick Off Month OR 12. Schedule TO 1. Waiting for 3PRM review of aggregated IRQ?

I have a date column also called 1. Waiting for 3PRM review of aggregated IRQ where I want the date recorded. I only want to record the date if it changes from either of those 2 statuses (10 or 12).



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  • Andrée Starå
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    Try something like this.

    We need to use two Workflows and add a so-called helper column.

    • Add a checkbox column called, for example, 10 or 12 (H)
    • Then add the following workflows.

    Make sense?

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