Predecessor column show #Ref differently before & after refresh for invalid predecessor


If invalid predecessor data then Predecessor column show #Ref differently before & after refresh

Steps to reproduce:

Create a smartsheet with 3 task and change setting dependencies enable true.

Add predecessor as following.

1.    Task 2 add predecessor data row 1.

2.    Task 3 add predecessor data row 2.

3.    Task 1 add predecessor data row 3.

Now see the output before and after refresh.

Before Refresh:

After Refresh:


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Himanshu Thakarar

    Yes, I also can see the same behaviour. This is expected as it is creating a circular reference.

    Once you refresh the sheet it calculates the Predecessor column top-down through the sheet until it hits the incorrect reference point (versus when you initially input the incorrect reference at any place in the sheet).

    You can test this by reversing the order of your Predecessors.

    If you work backwards, then add the incorrect/circular reference at a lower point in the sheet, the #REF error will stay in that lower row instead of changing locations:



  • diacristian
    diacristian ✭✭✭

    Hi @Genevieve P.

    In my opinion this can be seen as a bug. As a user I would want to see the final changes when saving the sheet. Why should I save + refresh + save again?

    I suppose Smartsheet dev team would have a small job to call Refresh also when file is saved, this way avoiding any confusion for the user.


    Cristian Diac