Automation email needs to embed a button to open a FORM


I was trying to set up an automation and be able to embed a button to open a FORM ( that needs to be filled out to report a status

See my sample below

Hello {{Delivery Lead}} from {{Consumer Team Name}}

Please provide your weekly updates via the "Open Update Form" button below for requested fields for requested fields. Also, ensure your status report is updated for {{Platform or Application}}. 

Direct link to PPT available here: 

{{Status Report Link}}

Thanks for your help and continued partnership!

Sender Name

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  • parulmishra
    parulmishra ✭✭✭✭
    edited 06/28/23 Answer ✓

    @roya you can try doing this by sending an update request automation instead of a simple notification one. Update request gives you the flexibility of which column to choose and the user experience of a form plus on the email it shows up as button

    Parul Mishra


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