Vertical display of current data on Dashboard w/ Checkbox

Hello everyone,

Need help finding a way to display data the way stakeholders want to see it on a dashboard.

A vendor of ours updates a SmartSheet daily with updated information (16 total columns). We want the most recent daily data to display on the dashboard so I have setup a checkbox. The stakeholders want to see some of the data vertically and other data as widgets. Reading other threads, it sounds like I need an INDEX/MATCH arrangement in another sheet to bring in data if the row with the checkbox is checked.

Data Example (truncated to show less columns)

Dashboard Example (vertical display)

Once I get the rollup sheet complete, I'm hoping it will easy to highlight specific cells that contain more detail but the vertical view is beyond my current tinkering knowledge WITH a checkbox.

Could anyone provide advice? Thank you in advance!

I have found similar threads but nothing quite detailing the steps for this.


  • Found another thread with close enough information. Instead of using INDEX(MATCH()) it was INDEX(COLLECT()) that solved it.

    =INDEX(COLLECT({ColumnToReturn}, {CheckboxColumn}, "1"), 1)

    Now to play around with the last number to ensure it returns the proper data on the sheet if multiple checkboxes are marked accidentally.

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Adam Westphal

    The 1 at the end of the INDEX(COLLECT formula means that it will always bring back the first matching row, or the one at the top of the sheet comparatively.

    If you may have more than 1 checkboxes, you could always use a JOIN(COLLECT instead of INDEX, so that both values are brought across (which would allow you to identify you need to un-check a box).

    =JOIN(COLLECT({ColumnToReturn}, {CheckboxColumn}, 1), " / ")

    You could also use a formula in the checkbox column so that there will only be one at a time:

    =IF(Date@row = MAX(Date:Date), 1, 0)



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