Formula for calculating only number in Project Status (Complete)

Probably a basic formula, sorry if it is.

Need a formula for calculating only the number in Project Status (Complete).

Is there an online class I can take to wrap my head around the basics?



  • Figured it out! Sorry. I was using SUM and not SUMIF

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  • Thank you!

    Is it possible to take that column formula and add it to another column formula? I've tried SUMIF & SUMIFS and can't get anything to work. I'm trying to add these first two formulas together.

    Re-Released Assets


    Assets Complete

    =SUMIF([Project Status]:[Project Status], “=Complete", [#Assets]:[#Assets])


    =SUMIF(([Project Status]:[Project Status], "Complete", [#Assets]:[#Assets])+([Re-Released]1:[Re-Released]66))

    =SUMIFS(([Project Status]:[Project Status], "Complete", [#Assets]:[#Assets])+([Re-Released]1:[Re-Released]66))

    =SUMIF(([Project Status]1:[Project Status]66, "Complete", [#Assets]1:[#Assets]66) + ([Re-Released]1:[Re-Released]66))

    =SUMIFS(([Project Status]1:[Project Status]66, "Complete", [#Assets]1:[#Assets]66) + ([Re-Released]1:[Re-Released]66))

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