VLOOKUP only works with the raw data, not with another sheet that uses the same source

Hi all,

I need your help to understand why VLOOKUP is not working in a seemingly peculiar case. But it might just be a difference between Excel and Smartsheet, as I'm a Smartsheet newbie.

I have two reports, originally it was built like this:

Report 1 - draws from original raw source data file, output column 10

Report 2 - draws from column 10 in Report 1

In Report 2, some of the output is showing NO MATCH, even though there is data there in Report 1 and all the cell formatting is the same for both reports. I checked everything I could think of and eventually resorted to just having Report 2 draw from the original raw source data, like Report 1.

So now it is working! But I would like to understand why it didn't. What could have been causing the issue? Why would some output be OK and some would show NO MATCH?

Many thanks for your help!

Best regards, Maria


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