Join-Collect or Index/collect formula with original number format 0.00

Anne T
Anne T
edited 10/19/22 in Formulas and Functions


I am looking for assistance with returning a string of data in the original number format (i.e. 0.00) used in the source sheet.

I am using the JOIN-COLLECT formula. I get that it converts the results to a text format.

I have seen suggestions in other posts to use INDEX/COLLECT to hold a date format, but I can't figure out the formula and whether or not it'll work with a 0.00 format.

Here is the formula I am using:

=JOIN(COLLECT({2022-23 PAYMENTS PROCESSED Range 4}, {2022-23 PAYMENTS PROCESSED Range 2}, [PO_Number]@row), "; ")

The result looks something like this:

5238; 1800; 3082.5

Would like for the result to look like this (the source format):

5,238.00; 1,800.00; 3,082.50

Would appreciate any assistance I can get.

Thank you


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