Referencing another sheet to match check boxes?

lcain ✭✭
edited 10/19/22 in Formulas and Functions

I have two sheets that share information back and forth. On sheet 1 (Hiller - Concord) I have a checkbox that I will check once a job has been closed ("Closed - Final Payment Received").

I want to reference that checkbox in sheet 2 (Submittal Log) so that once a job has been closed, I can move the information from this sheet to an archive sheet. For simplicity's sake, the column in this sheet will be named identically to the column in sheet 1 ("Closed - Final Payment Received").

Both sheets utilize one row for each job number, and I need the information to correspond with the correct job number.

I have tried to use Index/Match using this formula: =INDEX({Hiller - Concord Closed}, MATCH([Job Number (YY-XXXX)]@row, {Hiller - Concord Job Number}, 0))

But it comes back with "#unparseable." Am I having issues because I'm dealing with checkboxes instead of other column types? Is there a better way to match these columns' data?

Thank you in advance!

Never mind! I fixed it. Misspelling of a column on my part.


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