Network Days count off (as well as showing blank for no entry)


Hello (searched and couldn't find), Thank you in advance for support.

Typical "Start Date" and "Actual End Date" columns. Having an issue with days in between not lining up correctly.

3/16/22 through 3/16/22 should equal "0" however shows "1"

3/16/22 through 3/17/22 shows 1

Every time i try to manipulate the number it doesn't align to one another.

Currently Using:

=IFERROR(NETWORKDAYS([Start Date]@row, [Actual End Date]@row) - IF(AND([Start Date]@row <> "", [Start Date]@row = [Actual End Date]@row), -1) - 1, "")

PS: I am also using blanks for no entry in both fields (which works)

Thank you


  • kelele20

    I had a similar issue. i resolved it with:

    =IF([Date Delivered]@row >= [Due Date]@row, NETWORKDAYS([Due Date]@row, [Date Delivered]@row) - 1, NETWORKDAYS([Due Date]@row, [Date Delivered]@row))

    Due date - Start Date

    Date delivered - End date

  • Morris R
    Morris R ✭✭✭✭

    Hello - Thank you,

    =IF([Actual End Date]@row >= [Start Date]@row, NETWORKDAYS([Start Date]@row, [Actual End Date]@row) - 1, NETWORKDAYS([Start Date]@row, [Actual End Date]@row))

    Worked for for some days but not for others which is odd.

    Also the BLANK days showing "invalid data type"

    3/16/22 through 3/16/22 = zero (great)

    3/16/22 through 3/17/22 = 1 (great)

    3/16/22 through 3/18/22 = 2 (great)

    3/16/22 through 3/19/22 = 2 (not sure why this didn't change

    3/16/22 through 3/20/22 = 2 (not sure why this didn't change)

    3/16/22 through 3/21/22 = 2 (not sure why this didn't change)

    3/16/22 through 3/22/22 = 4 (not sure why this didn't change)

    3/16/22 through 3/23/22 = 5 (not sure why this didn't change)

    Thank you for reviewing - maybe I missed something prior to morning coffee. :)

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