Move rows (workflow) change sheet destination when saving as new


Well, this is the context:

I have a project template folder in a Smartsheet's Workspace that includes some sheets and reports that I use in my projects. The problem that I have right now is that I created a workflow for the project plan sheet that when it's triggered, it moves a specific row to a sheet called "On Hold Activities", however when I try to create a copy of the folder template and used it for a new project, I must use the "Save as new" option, but when I try to use the same workflow in the new sheets it moves the rows to the "On Hold Activities" sheet of the template and not to the new one that it's located in the new folder.

What I want?

That the workflow moves the destination sheet to the new folder and not to the original template.

Hope you can help me by giving me some ideas on how to do that.


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