Can I do this with a form and a Smartsheet document?

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Hi, once an individual completes reading an on-boarding document, they should click the form at the end of the website page to confirm he/she read the document. When they open the form to confirm, they need to add their name, surname and team they are part of.

What happens on my end, is that after this individual added their name and surname and presses submit, I will get automatically a 'yes' inside my tracker that makes me aware that this person completed the on-boarding.

I have now been asked to just add a checkbox inside the form such as "Have you read everything below?" check the checkbox, submit.

I don't know how to do this, because before the connection between the individual submitting the form, and appearing on my end in my tracker was thanks to their name and surname, but now if it's just a checkbox, how do I track that that person completed the form if I don't have anything to use as an identification?

I hope all is clear, and thank you.


  • Ray Lindstrom
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    Hi @TAW,

    In your Form Settings, you can require users to be logged into Smartsheet in order to submit the form. When you do that, it will pass the username to a "Created By" column in your log/sheet. You can use automation to transpose the username to another column if you need, but unfortunately you can't have the "Created By" name go to any chosen column.

    Granted sometimes you don't want to require a user to be logged into Smartsheet in order to submit a form. In that case, you will lose out on the ability to capture the name automatically.

    Without requiring a user to be logged into Smartsheet, the username for the form submission will be captured as [email protected]

    Hope this helps!



  • Ryan Sides
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    Hi @TAW if you are providing each user with their own link, you can prepopulate the form with their first and last name so they only have to check the box and hit submit. See this article for more details on how to do that.

    If you are using 1 link for everyone, you can add a checkbox column and have only it on the form. Then in your form settings you turn on "Require Smartsheet login to access this form". On your sheet you would add the Auto field "Created By". Then when someone submits the form, it picks up their email address from their Smartsheet account and displays it in your sheet.

    Would that work for you?


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  • TAW
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    Thank you both.