Smartsheet Gov - Dropdown information dictated by Previous Dropdown Information Selected

I am just wondering if it is possible to set up a sheet where there are three columns that display information that is dependent on the information selected in another column. In other words, the user will select information from the first column, and it will filter the information shown in the second column. The information selected in the second column filters the information displayed in the third column. The information in the third column is the most important information. Would like to create an Update Form so that the user picks an item in the first column and then it is narrowed down in the second column and the user selects another item and the final information is displayed in the third column. We are doing a skills inventory of our courses that we will load into Workday. Not that it matters where we will load it. If anyone has any suggestions how to set this up in Smartsheet Gov or in general, I would GREATLY appreciate it.



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