Index Collect - Pulling from one matrix to another.

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Whoops! It posted without text. LOL

I've got data that's in a matrix. With Date on the left, and the Product Name in a helper row at the top.

I have an entry form with this layout, and an output form with the exact layout.

I need to match the Date/product to pull the value from the entry form, into a formula in the output sheet, and then run some calculations from there. For now I just need to find the right combination of index/collect to get me the number.

Recommendations for the formula, and the best placement of ranges would be appreciated.

Mockup below. I do have data in columns 1-5 of both sheets, so I don't think Vlookup will work.


  • Hollie Green
    Hollie Green ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I don't think you need the helper row since each of your products are on a different column. I would do something like this.

    =Index(Collect({Product 1},{Date},[date]@row)

    You would just change your Product reference in the next column over to bring in that product in your output sheet.

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