Reports Using Grouping Not Showing Dropdown List

Hi There,

I have a set of reports I use to summarize a large set of sheets that are used to track different workgroup meetings, the attendees, the attendees companies, and a category we've set the type of company.

I use the summary reports to reconcile, for example, Jane Doe is listed under ABC Company in all instances.

For some reason, a few of my reports changed and I cannot figure out why.

The report that is working correctly, I made a copy and changed the filtering criteria but it still didn't work.

Here is an example of the one that works (the filter criteria says let me see all attendees with the Company Name MISMO, then grouping says group them by the Primary and summarize the SUM):

You can see the "carrots" by them and can click on them to see what makes up the grouping:

For some reason, in a report that used to do this, but doesn't now, it has no "carrots" to see the dropdown of what makes up the sum:

They're all using the same set of sheets to make up the report.

The filter criteria is slightly different because in the first screenshot, I want to see all the attendees under one company. The third screenshot, I want to see a full list of attendees.

Any ideas why I can't see a dropdown anymore?

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